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    The Lu Life features Free Corkage at Bâtard on Monday Nights

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  • Check out this Facebook Live video with Bâtard’s sommelier, Jason Jacobeit.

    To view the video visit our Facebook page at

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    Bâtard listed on the FORBES 2016 All-Star Eateries In New York

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    Bâtard Honors Chef Eckart Witzigmann

    For seven nights,* Bâtard will honor Chef Witzigmann with a $75 prix fixe menu of his signature dishes.

      *June 29, 30; July 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 (Our regular menu will be available on these nights as well.)

    Eckart Witzigmann was named "Chef of the Century" by Gault Millau in 1994, an honor he shares with just three other people: Paul Bocuse, Joël Robuchon and Frédy Girardet.

    Witzigmann was born in Austria in 1941. Early in his career, his outstanding talent was recognized and promoted by the best in the business, notably Paul Bocuse, Roger Vergé, the Troisgros brothers and Paul Haeberlin. After honing his craft in some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants, he opened Aubergine in Munich in 1978. In 1979, Aubergine became the first restaurant in Germany to be awarded the much-coveted three stars from Michelin. Aubergine retained that rating until it closed in 1993.

    A beloved teacher and mentor to generations of young chefs (including Markus Glocker), Witzigmann has also authored a number of highly successful cookbooks. Today he travels the globe as a consultant, developing innovative restaurant concepts for clients as diverse as the Japanese Juchheim group and the Salzburg airport.

    “The chef of kings and gods,” as The New York Times called him, has cooked for Queen Elizabeth II, King Hassan of Morocco, the Maharaja of Jaipur, Mikhail Gorbachev, George W. Bush, and Valerie Giscard d’Estaing, among other dignitaries. But Witzigmann does not play favorites: “For me, every guest is equally important and I always make an effort to treat every one of them the same." 

    A Special Menu to Honor Chef Eckart Witzigmann on His 75th Birthday


    beetroot gelée

    caviar, sour cream, celery


    roasted langoustine

    asparagus, passion fruit vinaigrette


    heaven & earth of foie gras

    calvados, apple, black truffle


    lamb loin wrapped in aubergine

    baumkuchen, lemon, red pepper jus


    fresh strawberries

    caramelized puff pastry, vanilla, champagne ice cream




    For more information, please call 212-219-2777 or email  


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    Bâtard is now serving dinner at the bar

    Markus Glocker's modern European cuisine is now available at the bar.

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    Bâtard Named One of NYC's 50 Best by Wine & Spirits Magazine

    "Go for the Burgundy—whether the older vintages that Jason Jacobeit has sourced direct from winery cellars and priced attractively, or the great buys he’s unearthed from less storied corners—and stay for Markus Glocker’s opulent Austro-French food."

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    Markus Glocker is a James Beard Semifinalist

    The Bâtard chef is in the running for Best Chef NYC!


    2016 James Beard Foundation Restaurant and Chef Award Semifinalists


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    Bâtard Once Again Awarded Michelin Star

    As the 2016 Michelin star ratings were released this week, it was announced that Bâtard retained its Michelin star. 

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    Bâtard Wins The 2015 James Beard Award For "Best New Restaurant"

    In a national competition featuring America’s most accomplished and talented restaurants, Bâtard is honored to achieve this revered recognition. Under the helm of Owner Drew Nieporent, Managing Partner John Winterman, and Chef Markus Glocker, Bâtard’s Modern European fare and gracious service is winning over diners from around the world, in a space with a rich 30-year culinary history. It is with great appreciation that we accept this award from The James Beard Foundation.

    To make a reservation, please call 212-219-2777 or click here. 

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    Forbes: Inside America's Best New Restaurant, Bâtard recently profiled Bâtard following the restaurant's win at the James Beard Awards for "Best New Restaurant". 

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    Bâtard Nominated for "Best New Restaurant" at 2015 James Beard Awards

    Congratulations to Bâtard for securing a nomination for "Best New Restaurant" as part of the 2015 James Beard Foundation Restaurant and Chef Awards! Bâtard is one of two New York-based restaurants within the category. Winners will be announced on May 4, 2015.

    Best of luck to all the nominees!

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    "Bâtard Wins 2014"

    As 2014 came to an end, Bâtard landed at the top of several end-of-year lists, including lists by The New York Times, New York Magazine, and The New Yorker. 

    Cheers to 2014 and we look forward to a wonderful 2015!

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    Bâtard Wins "Restaurant of the Year" at 2014 Eater Awards!

    Bâtard is officially Eater New York's 2014 pick for "Restaurant of the Year"! Narrowed down from a group of five nominees to a group of three (based on votes from Eater readers), the Eater editorial team chose Bâtard as the ultimate winner!

    For a full list of winners, click here. 

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    Bâtard Receives A Michelin Star!

    The Michelin Inspectors say "Bâtard is an outright winner" and awarded Myriad's newest restaurant a Michelin Star!

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    Pete Wells of The New York Times Awards Bâtard Three Stars

    Pete Wells of The New York Times awarded Bâtard three stars. Read the full review here!

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    Tribeca Grill and Bâtard's Head Sommelier, Jason Jacobeit, Chats Fine Wine with The Street

    The Street spoke to Jason Jacobeit, head sommelier at Tribeca Grill and Bâtard, about Tribeca Grill's extensive wine list. Check out the full piece here!

    "The restaurant has 26,000 bottles of wine in its inventory, representing about 2,300 unique wine selections. The collection, stored among four cellars, is the result of buying virtually everything on release for the past 25 years, as well as occasionally buying rare and fine wines at auction.

    "The wines we have in our cellar from the early 1990s or late 1980s were literally purchased two and half decades ago and we can guarantee the authenticity and provenance, and that the wines been stored properly," Jacobeit says. "Everything we have has been purchased by us. And our wine list is saturated with value."

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    The Village Voice Chooses Bâtard's Octopus Pastrami as One of NYC's Top Pastrami Dishes (That Aren't Sandwiches)

    The Village Voice chose Bâtard's Octopus Pastrami dish as one of NY's Top 10 Pastrami Dishes that Aren't Sandwiches. Check out the full list here

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    Chef Markus Glocker's Turbot Recipe featured in September Issue of Food Arts

    Food Arts recently spoke to Chef Markus Glocker about Bâtard's Turbot dish. Check out the full recipe in the September issue of Food Arts! 

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    Bâtard Chats w. Food Arts about What to Expect this Fall/Winter

    Chef Markus Glocker talked to Food Arts in their September Issue about what to expect this Fall and Winter. Check it out

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    Tables for Two: Bâtard

    Drew Nieporent's official dress code for Bâtard: "I don’t care what you wear, as long as your feet and your genitals are covered,”

    Check out the full review in the latest Tables for Two section of the The New Yorker!

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    "Affordable Bâtard Marks Another Win for King of Tribeca"

    Ryan Sutton of Eater paid Bâtard a visit, awarding the restaurant two stars! Read the full review here

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    John Mariani Visits Bâtard!

    John Mariani visits Bâtard! Read what he thought of his dinner in The Huffington Post!

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    Executive Chef Markus Glocker, of Bâtard, Is Featured on Good Day New York!

    Check out Markus Glocker, Executive Chef of Bâtard, preparing Octopus Pastrami on Good Day New York! Click the "Learn More" link below to watch the full video!

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    Bâtard Receives 3 Stars from GQ Magazine!

    Check out Bâtard's 3 star review in GQ Magazine!

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    Batard Receives 3 Stars From New York Magazine!

    "The dish I can’t stop talking about is the veal tenderloin “tramezzini,” which the kitchen wraps in a golden crust with a scrim of Swiss chard, and garnishes with veal jus and chanterelles, like an exotic, savory form of French pastry".

    A line from New York Magazine's 3 star review of Bâtard!

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    Bâtard Receives 4 Stars from the New York Observer!

    Bâtard has received 4 out of 5 stars from the New York Observer! Check out the link below for the full review.

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    Drew Nieporent on Opening Bâtard

    Eater caught up with Drew Nieporent at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen to discuss the opening of Bâtard!

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    Markus Glocker's Pea Soup with Sweetbreads at Bâtard

    See Bâtard's Executive Chef Markus Glocker prepare the Split Pea Soup with Sweetbreads on Eater's "The Hot Dish".

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    Surf and turf steps up its game in New York City

    Check out the Octopus Pastrami at Bâtard featured in Time Out New York's article about the most innovative plays on Surf and Turf in New York!

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    Jenny Mollen Orders Off-Menu Schnitzel

    Take a look at GrubStreet's article about Jenny Mollen's visit to Bâtard!

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    NJ resident and restaurateur Drew Nieporent returns to his roots

    Drew Nieporent was featured in yesterday's article published on about his new restaurant Bâtard!

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    The Village Voice Visits Bâtard

    Zachary Feldman of The Village Voice paid Bâtard a visit - check out what he thought of the experience! 

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